What bodies/stories/epistemologies are left out from mainstream western feminisms?

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Requires to move away from modern/colonial ways-logics that have been dominating our relations and understanding of ourselves and the world. Coloniality is a term developed by sociologist Anibal Quijano to describe a system of power that is capitalis-racist -eurocentric and global. It brings a non-eurocentric understanding of modernity as inspeparable from coloniality.

Video performance

This is the closure of my doctoral thesis that included sensing-thinking as a Mesoamerican epistemology and methodology. It was weaved throughout the dissertation exploring how feeling is also a way of knowing.

A poem about onto-epistemic enfleshed erasure

Coloniality of knowing

Points to how what we know and how we know what we know has been produced by modernity/coloniality. Modernity comes with western modern logics and its institutions such as museums and universities. Coloniality is what is being erased by these, what such logics and institutions deny. This is something explored by scholars engaged in decolonial thought.

Coloniality of being

Explored by Nelson Maldonado Torres who looks at how modernity/coloniality shapes lived experience.

Coloniality of gender

A term by decolonial feminist philosopher María Lugones. It brings a decolonial understanding of gender where this cannot be separated from race.

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